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Eagle and Gypsum are what locals call “down valley”. These towns are located in the widest part of the Vail Valley and as a result have seemingly longer days with more hours of sunshine. Eagle and Gypsum are generally slightly warmer with less precipitation than their up valley neighbors. It’s not uncommon for a foot of snow in Vail to fall while Eagle and Gypsum get just an inch or two.

Both Eagle and Gypsum are very outdoor-focused towns. The mountains surrounding Eagle are largely filled with low vegetation rather than thick forests, making them perfect for the over 100 miles of mountain biking trails. In fact, every neighborhood is connected with a paved recreation path great for walks, biking and dog walking. There are multiple river access points which residents use for fly fishing and water sports.

Eagle has two downtown areas: historic Eagle and Eagle Ranch. Both have a handful of restaurants, shops and coffee bars. There is also a commercial center including a City Market, home stores and restaurants.  The majority of Eagle’s population of 7,697 are year-round residents.

Gypsum is a quick drive west and its population is also mainly year-round residents. The Gypsum Creek Golf Course is surrounded by homes on spacious lots, while historic Gypsum and Buckhorn Valley offer a closer-knit neighborhood layout.

There is a commercial center with home goods stores, professional offices, some restaurants and a Costco but no centralized walkable downtown. Gypsum is home to the Eagle County Airport and Vail Valley Jet Center, which provides a convenient 30 minute commute to Vail. A number of new-build neighborhoods have sprung up over the past 10 years, making Eagle and Gypsum fast-growing communities.